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Wine Pairing Event

October 21 Event is Sold Out

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To purchase reservations for Nov. 11, email You will receive a secure link to make the purchase by credit card. Remember to say how many seats you'd like to reserve. Please be sure you receive a confirmation for your purchase.

There are only 35 seats available for this dinner. Everyone will take home a logo glass as a 

Enjoy a 4-course dinner prepared by Teri Belles Catering with an At The Barn wine perfectly paired with each course.  Please note!  Wine tastes differently with food than it does alone. Take a chance and let your taste buds explore new experiences.

Italian Bread and He
rbed dipping oil with ATB 
Redneck Red
Caprese Salad drizzled with Balsamic reduction.  Served with 
ATB Estate Wine Marshal Foch "Fosh Me".
Chicken Breast over Rice Pilaf, smothered in buttery Lemon Sauce.  Paired with ATB German Style Riesling.

Fall Apple Cake with light caramel drizzle, served with ATB White Cranberry.


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